Email Marketer

Email Marketer

EscapeWelt GmbH is looking for a CRM marketing specialist to support our rapid space expansion!

Ready to join our team, increase sales through mailings and become a key player on the EscapeWelt team? Then read on!

Our perfect candidate knows how to monetize newsletters, has experience in building email chains and content (along with the design team) so that our customers always want to buy more.

By the way, we work in Klaviyo (from defining the strategy to writing the letters themselves and sending them).

In addition to the above, here are the essential position functions:

  • CRM system management: uploading and updating the customer database, setting up campaigns, launching mailings, tracking results and analytics.
  • Results Analysis: evaluating campaign performance, analyzing metrics (openings, clicks, conversions) and making appropriate adjustments to optimize results.
  • Automation and Personalization: using a CRM system to create automated mailing scripts and improve personalized customer communications.
  • Compliance: ensuring that e-newsletters comply with personal data protection legislation (GDPR and other) and the company’s internal data processing policies.
  • A/B testing: conducting experiments to compare different options of email newsletters and optimize their effectiveness.
  • Database Management: cleaning, updating and improving the customer database, including eliminating duplicates and using up-to-date contact information.


As all of our clients are from USA, Europe etc., it is important that you have English language skills at least at B2 level.

What we offer:

  • Remote work in a dynamic international company
  • Opportunities for professional growth and development
  • Resources and tools for effective fulfillment of tasks
  • Transparent motivation system and decent pay

If you are an experienced CRM marketing specialist, with successful cases and willingness to work in a team, we will be glad to consider your candidacy! Send us your resume and portfolio and let’s achieve incredible results together!